Which post is best in SSC CHSL?

SSC conduct number of exams for the years together to fill the vacant posts lying in government departments and ministries. There are some significant exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS and SSC GRADE C AND GRADE D exams are opted by most of the aspirants. SSC CHSL is one such exam which is very demanding and favored by millions of candidates. Usually, candidates will find it difficult to opt for the post while filling the application form for SSC CHSL EXAM.

There are four important job profiles offered through SSC CHSL Exam and these job profiles are:

a. DEO (Data Entry Operator)
b. LDC (Lower Division Clerk)
c. Postal or Sorting Assistants
d. Court Clerk

Let us identify and itemize the factors that will assist to choose the best post.

1. Aspire for the finest job profile

Candidates must prefer the job profile according to one’s connotation rather than building an ignorant or informal choice. If you have a preference to work in a particular department of Government then make it your priority. In case you desire to work in the office environment then place DEO on the top priority. If you prefer the atmosphere of court then decide Court Clerk.

2. Desired location to work

The proclivity of working place may vary from person to person. The aspirants occupied in rural areas should prefer to be positioned in rural area and for that reason they have to prefer rural area based posts such as postal assistants. The viewpoint of Postal Assistants post yields a good chance with rural area posting over urban area as the conventional of the postal services are typically rural area based. Digital media has not made any important impact. The aspirants who prefer urban area can prefer posts like LDC and DEO as the most of the government offices are in urban areas. It will endow with them an unbelievable likelihood to be posted in their hometown.

3. Salary package offered

Money is the prime concern when one is looking for the job. It is the vital reason to look for job. Adequate salary package gives job satisfaction which makes one work with devotion. The salary package depends upon the posts given or chosen for, though the exam is general but it has varied salary package for diverse post. Make an important analysis of salary in hand, grade, perks, incentives and other factors. The salary offered to DEO is higher than LDC and Court Clerks. Therefore, if money is your major apprehension then it is always good to choose DEO post. Analyze it methodically before you choose for the post with high salary package as it must be the one which must give you job satisfaction in work profile also. You must be able to accomplish all the duties and responsibilities related to the job with dedication.

It has been categorically discussed three main factors that will guide aspirants about the most suitable post for them while filing an application form for SSC CHSL exam. This is main important decision for every aspirant and so it must be taken carefully. If you are going to take an intelligent decision then you will certainly get the best job title, location and salary package. Therefore, all the aspirants are extremely advised to bring their finest performance in the upcoming SSC CHSL exam.

For the best outcomes the aspirants are advised to join SSC CHSL course and test series. They should buy best study material which must be reorganized and based on latest exam pattern. To grab single digit merit order, the basics and concepts of every topic should be grasped appropriately. The aspirants should understand that the success in this exam will deliver them both personal and professional satisfaction of the highest level.

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