Slogan On Corruption Free India

The country is in need of a strong voice to fight against corruption and lead India into the future. Slogan On Corruption is the voice that has been missing all this while, fighting for a corruption-free India.

1. I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.

2. The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.

3. A corrupted country can never grow!

4. Fight corruption. Bring progression!

5. Fight against corruption to win the battle of progress.

6. No corruption… no Lagging behind.

7. Destroy corruption before it destroys you.

8. Let us destroy corruption before it destroys our nation!

9. Because corrupted people need to be avoided.

10. Corruption is a shame on fame.

11. Greed gives rise to corruption. Corruption leads to destruction.

12. Stop money hunger. Stop corruption.

13. Your needs should be limited. Otherwise, you might get corrupted.

14. A bribe is a bait. Do not fall into its trap.

15. No corruption…. No destruction.

16. Let us raise our voices and take action against corruption.

17. Your silence may lead to ugly consequences. Raise your voice now!

18. Let us do our part in ending corruption.

19. So let us take a strong resolution to stop corruption.

20. Corruption is a disease having no medicine.

21. Want your country to grow? Stop corruption.

22. Fight against corruption to win the battle of progress.

23. Clean India, Corruption free India!

24. Anti- corruption is the mantra for a developed nation.

25. Anti corruption start from you.

26. Be the hero and fight corruption.

27. Corruption is a disease having no medicine.

28. Corruption only affects a common man!

29. Don’t be part of corruption, be a part of solution.

30. Honesty pays Honors and Corruption Dishonors.

31. Your greedy habits pull you towards corruption.