How to Handle Sectional Timing in SBI Clerk Exam?

SBI has initiated sectional timings for all the sections of preliminary exam and mains exam. It is very challenging for those who are master in two sections or less. Primarily, these candidates used to endeavor the question paper according to their expediency and skill in a subject but now they have to devote the required time to the section. The sectional time set for each section is 20 minutes.

It is obligatory to accomplish sectional time limit to qualify the exam therefore practice need to be done cautiously. Smart and thoughtful process of preparation can make the learning and understanding result oriented. Make the study plan groomed enough to cover the syllabus and practice it in the accurate direction. SBI CLERK exam is not tough yet it needs smart preparation to conquer the sectional timing bar.

There are some ultimate tips that have been crafted on the basis of the experience of the successful candidates who are working in various banks, the same can be adopted by the future aspirants to make their dream come true and grab SBI CLERK JOB.

Ideal Tips to Managing Sectional Timing in SBI Clerk Exam

1. Attempt one topic test every day from the previous year question bank to monitor time limit given in it. Make an effort to finish the test in the predetermined time to build a self-belief.

2. SBI conducts online exams therefore it is prudent to attempt online test series rather than taking manual test series. It helps to manage desktop comfortably while endeavoring the question paper. It is generally pragmatic that students are not involved in online practice which makes them uncomfortable while attempting the examination. It drives away lot of time and thus it amounts to loss of time and energy in the examination hall.

3. While solving question paper, do not give more time to any question which you find it tough as it will limit your speed and can heighten avoidable tensions.

4. Contemplate on the question you are elucidating rather than on anything else. It will give you finest answers in the less time duration and you need momentum and precision both to qualify all the sections efficiently.

5. After you have covered the entire syllabus, join a reputed online mock test series and attempt full length online test every day to attain the speed and accuracy. Scrutinize your speed in every test and recover it day by day. Do practice as you can to build speed.

6. It is very important to master complex calculations in QA section to save time. Therefore, one needs to practice speed tests on the topics like simplifications, number system and square roots. These topics will improve your calculation speed you can solve in less than a second. One can practice mental mathematics to learn the tricks to solve questions quickly.

7. Master short tricks to solve the questions. Do not adopt any trick without learning the basics thoroughly. Use the tricks carefully and effectively to get the precise answer or else it will be useless for you to study.

8. While attempting the question paper, concentrate more on the right answer than to answer all the questions. Every wrong answer will be penalized by a negative mark. Attempt it carefully.

9. Set your target on the basis of the previous year cut off or else you will not be able to work in the right direction.

10. Attempt the mock tests to reach your targeted score by answering the maximum questions correctly. Choose those questions first where more time and efforts are not required. It will save your time to attempt the difficult questions.

These are some of the useful and effective tips to enhance your time management to attempt the SBI CLERK or any bank exams. It will surely give you high score and best outcomes

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