How to get a single digit rank in the SSC CGL?

It’s an uphill task to score single digit rank in SSC CGL exam but still can be achievable. The aspirants should try to make a strategy based on their favorite subjects and then divide them as per their strengths and weaknesses. It should be recalled that syllabus of SSC CGL exam is based on Higher Secondary Level and so every graduate should be familiar with all of the prescribed subjects. Commonly speaking, every student is confused about selecting subjects and preparing a strategy of systematically dividing the time to prepare, understand and learn these subjects in restricted time.

Primarily speaking, there are two key factors that can help aspirants for effective exam preparation and these factors are: –

1. The interest of student in the particular subject and his aptitude in his schooling days. Subsequently, every student is recommended to check their knowledge by taking a mock test on the subject of his choice and then analyze his strengths and weaknesses. This strategy will help them to decide the desired amount of time taken to prepare that particular subject.

2. The subjects which are of lesser interest should be prepared by following common pattern to study by learning the facts and practicing them thoughtfully. To prepare these subjects, students are required to devote more time and practice as compared to subjects of their choice.

After successfully dividing your study pattern into these two segments, it will become easier for you to take up the exam preparation efficiently and effectively.
Now, let us discuss subject wise study pattern to be followed: –


The aspirants are advised to do lots of practice of problems. The referred and purchased books should have different type of questions on every topic. This will help aspirants in becoming familiar with different pattern of questions in the exam.


In SSC CGL exam, the grammatical and vocabulary skills of aspirants are tried and tested by the examiner. Therefore, it is necessary to build these skills by becoming daily reader of newspapers, books, novels and standard textbooks of English grammar.

Current Affairs

For better preparation, aspirants are recommended to join online courses or Android apps, read daily newspapers and informative or competitive magazines. It will comprehensively help them in collecting a variety of information. This learning and grasping process has to be consistent as well as regular as it will help aspirants in memorizing a bulk of information before the exam.

Social Studies

For effective preparation, the aspirants should have basic knowledge of various topics of History, Geography and Economics. Subsequently, they should work hard and smart in learning and understanding their factual aspects. This strategy will encourage their preparation and will help them in scoring well in this section.

Besides making effective study strategy one must join SSC CGL institute or SSC CGL online coaching to make the preparations worth an applaud. Scoring a SINGLE DIGIT RANK is really a moment to applaud as one gets the chance to grab the DREAM JOB and LOCATION!!

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